#6 Cargill Beef Racing Social Media Initiative


By sponsoring a NASCAR Nationwide Series car through a partnership with Roush Fenway Racing, Cargill Ground Beef hoped to drive awareness of Cargill Ground Beef (through its Our Certified Ground Beef brand) among NASCAR fans. To leverage this effort and drive engagement, Associated recommended the use of social media centered on the #6 car and its driver, Trevor Bayne, to develop a dialogue with racing fans and drive traffic to the newly launched cargillgroundbeef.com.

Key Insight

With a target audience of primary grocery shoppers, both male and female, ages 25-54, the NASCAR demographic was a perfect fit for Cargill Ground Beef. In addition, because of the high level of social media engagement inherent in NASCAR racing in general, Associated felt it could effectively leverage the sponsorship to help drive awareness and utilization of Cargill ground beef, retail customers and cargillgroundbeef.com — a site providing comprehensive information, recipes and insights into all things ground beef.


To drive engagement, Associated would leverage Trevor Bayne and his Roush Fenway team members to give NASCAR fans an inside track on activities within the Nationwide Series while providing helpful ground beef cooking tips and other content. A digital “Tailgating with Trevor” sweepstakes, syndicated through social media and entered through the cargillgroundbeef.com portal, offered a personal meeting with Trevor Bayne and the Roush Fenway team, while ongoing posts reflected highlights of the season’s races. Custom content including exclusive video interviews with Trevor Bayne as well as videos of Trevor using, recommending and talking about Cargill Ground Beef would increase engagement, while geo-targeting was used to tie the initiative to specific regional retail customers such as Safeway, Publix, Walmart and Winn-Dixie. To measure the initiative, ongoing monitoring tracked the social media following, engagement and traffic to cargillgroundbeef.com to ensure goals were achieved throughout the approximately 10-month NASCAR season.


A robust schedule of posts, including exclusive video content, engaged NASCAR fans, who responded with thousands of comments on posted materials. Ultimately, the initiative resulted in:

  • 6,127 Facebook “Likes” through a combination of Trevor Bayne-focused posts, team racing insights and ground beef nutritional information and cooking tips.
  • 1,110 Twitter followers, who enjoyed Nationwide Series race updates and exclusive racing merchandise giveaways during real-time race-day coverage.
  • Website tracking that showed spikes in page views and longer-duration visits when links from social media postings were present, and significant increases in visitors originating from racing-focused Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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